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‘SANYUKTA UPCHAR PADDHATI’® or put simply 'holistic and integrated treatment', an innovative healing technique has been pioneered and popularized, across Maharashtra, for more than a decade now by Dr. Anil Patil.

A single point contact for holistic healing therapies, Dr. Anil Patil’s Vedicure Wellness Clinic is focused on the concept of person-centred diagnosis for healing people as opposed to the conventional disease treatment approach.

Dr. Anil Patil path breaking technique boasts of a unique combination of latest scientific advances with the ancient systems of medicine. It is one of the few techniques in the world that combines the ancient Indian system (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy) with the oriental alternative system of medicine (Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki).

Dr. Anil Patil has not just pioneered Musical therapy and Hypno-Musical therapy amongst others, but has also introduced path-breaking products such as Obesity Management Kits, Shukra Sanjivini Kits, Brain Power Kits, Hair Care Kits and Good Health Kits as well.


The innovation that has emerged from an appropriate union of multiple therapies like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Yoga, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Physiotherapy, Neurotherapy, Reiki, Music therapy, etc. is called Sanyukta Upchar Paddhati® or "Holistic & Integrated Medicine" and is capable of treating Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cervical Spondylitis, Lumbar Spondylitis, Blood pressure, Heart Disorders, Paralysis, Parkinson Diseases, Diabetes, Eczema, Psoriasis and All Types Of Skin Disorders.

Chronic Cold, Asthma, Allergies, Constipation, Piles, Colitis, Hyper Acidity, Migraine, Digestive Disorders, Obesity, Mental Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, Eye Disorders, Sexual Disorders, Infertility And All Such Types Of Chronic Diseases, From Its Roots To Give Permanent Relief.

Dr. Anil Patil's Sanyukta Upchar Paddhati® technique has been devised based on a patient centric way of thinking, considering the disharmony incurred in human's basic and natural lifestyle caused due to stress and time mismanagement of the speedy modern life and thus setting them right in a Holistic and Integrated way by coordinating their Minds (needs, desires, beliefs, values, goals) with their Body (displaying the disease of the mind in the form of disorders) and Soul (which is in the form of energy flow in our body and the actual area of healing) thus leading to harmony and the Cure.


Ayurveda + Panchkarma

Vata, Pitta, Kapha the three basic components meaning tridosha, saptadhatu and the fluids produced by the overall body functionality make up for the body structure. If all these components remain in its original balanced state, the person remains disease free and healthy.


Vamana (vomiting), Virechan (controlled purgation), Basti (Medicines injected through anus), Nasya (medicines through nose), Rakta Mokshana (Purging out infected blood). Panchakarma is not only cure the diseases but also prevent them.


Yoga asanas, pranayam, neti-dhauti and other cleansing procedures, meditation, omkar chanting etc can be effectively used to cure many diseases.


"Life is like the flame of lamp, soon extinguished when the fuel (Qi) is exhausted." - Huan Chan, 40 B. C. Heat, light and sound, i.e. there are the various forms of Qi. Imbalance of Qi-its excess or deficiency within the organism-is the cause of ill health. Its absence is death. The purpose of acupuncture is to restore the imbalance of body Qi by puncturing the correct combination of points.


Physiotherapy is very essential as a complementary treatment in treating spinal disorders, knee disorders, slip disk, cervical spondylosis, paralysis or any other physical deformity.


What our patients say

I was suffering from joint pain since 2 years. All joins-both knee, wrists, ankles, hip joint, toe joints had pain & swelling. Legs had tingling sensation with difficulty in walking and no flexibility at all even after a lot of treatments, there was no relief at all. Then I visited Vedicure Wellness's expert doctor and started treatment as suggested. Within one & half month of SUP treatment, I got 90% reflief in all my complaints. My joint pain & swelling greatly reduced. I can sit down, walk easily with flexibility in my joints. Many thanks to Vedicure's expert doctor & Staff.

Shri. Lonkar Atul

I had Back Pain , Neck Pain , Acidity , piles for more than a year. But then I started with ' Sanyukta Upchar Paddhati ' Treatment from Vedicure Wellness under the guidance of their expert doctor and followed Dietary advise, medicines everything as advised and got a very good relief in above all problems. I am very much happy today because of Vedicure.

Reshma Ravikant Salkar

I was having knee pain from last 1 year , pain in shoulders also pain in knee joint while walking. Pain was so severe that I could not stand more than 5-7 minutes also. There was extreme pain in shoulder while handling any objects. After watching Interview on television of Vedicure's well known doctor, I visited their centre & started the 'Sanyukta Upchar Paddhati' and I got 85 % relief than before.

Mrs. Surekha Jadhav

I am 29 year old , due to PCOD from last 2 years my menses were very much in irregular and were pain in abdomen while menstruation. Bleeding continued for 15-20 days and so there was very much weakness. Took many treatment but no relief or permanent cure. Then one of the doctor himself recommended me about Vedicure and I visited doctor and started with SUP treatment. within 15 days of treatment, I started getting relief and within 2 months, I was completely cured. Now my menses are regular and normal for 5 days. I am very thankful to doctor & Staff of Vedicure.

Kanti Ladku Thorat

After Marriage, since 4 yrs we had no child. But we started with Vedicure's SUP treatment and we completed 06 months of Sanyukta Upchar Paddhati' treatment course as suggested by Vedicure's expert doctor and after that very soon my wife conceived. We had tried many other treatments but Vedicure's SUP is great. Staff is good & Co operated very well. Many thanks to the doctor and staff of Vedicure!

Mr. Sharad Ambarishi Pawar

I was suffering from back pain from past 2 years. I took physiotherapy treatment from many doctors. I was walking around with a lumbar belt for 2 years. Then my uncle once told me about Vedicure and I started treatment in Vedicure. I took one month Vedicure's SUP treatment and I am feeling much better and cured. Best part is , I got all combined therapies like Ayurvedic Medicines , Panchkarma , Acupuncture & Physiotherapy under one roof so I can take them easily & I am doing great now. I thank doctor & all the staff of Vedicure.

Ms. Hemangi Rahul Achrekar