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Physiotherapy is a stream of rehabilitative health that makes use of specially designed exercises and equipments to help patients regain or improve their physical abilities. It is a distinct form of care and cure that can be performed either in isolation or in conjunction with other types of medical therapies.

Role of Physiotherapy under Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati®

Under Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati®, Physiotherapy plays an important role by enhancing lifestyle through improved health and fitness. This encourages one to take charge of the health and teaching techniques for recovery, relief from pain, injury prevention and improved physical movement. It facilitates and maximizes recovery and functional mobility following a musculoskeletal or neurological injury.

Physiotherapy reaches these goals through:

  1. Reduction of pain and stiffness
  2. Acceleration in healing of the injured
  3. Correcting posture
  4. Maintenance or restoration of normal range of motion in affected joints and maintain space in joints
  5. Prevention of fibrosis or soft tissue contractures in injured, weak or paralyzed limbs
  6. Improvement in balance
  7. Stimulating nerves in case of neurological insults
  8. Prevention of diffuse atrophy during healing phases of neurological and musculoskeletal insults
  9. Improvement of strength and function in weak and paralyzed muscles which helps in ambulation
  10. Improved performance and quality of movement