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Respiratory System – SUP

The Respiratory System is one of the most vital systems in the body composed of lungs, bronchial tube, nose and the air passages. The function of Respiratory System is to transport air into the lungs and to facilitate the diffusion of oxygen into the blood stream. It also receives waste Carbon Dioxide from the blood and exhales it out of the body.

Common diseases related to the Respiratory System are:

  1. Upper Respiratory Tract – Rhinitis, Sinusitis,Tonsilitis, Laryngitis, Pharyngitis, Sleep Apnea, etc.
  2. Lower Respiratory Tract – Pneumonia, TB, Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Bronchiectasis, Tumours, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD), Diapramatic Eventration, Lung Fibrosis, Interstitial Lung Diseases, Cystic Fibrosis, etc.
Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati® plays an important role in the treatment of diseases related to the Respiratory System.

Role of Modern medicine in treatment of Respiratory System disorders under Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati®

Modern medicine plays a major role in emergencies related to infections and disorders of the Respiratory System. Bronchodilator drugs, antibiotics, anti histamines, decongestants, steroids, etc. help in dilating major air passages, improving shortness of breath and reducing inflammation of the airway.

Role of Ayurveda in treatment of Respiratory System disorders under Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati®

At Vedicure, Ayurvedic treatment for disorders in Respiratory System includes Shamana and Shodhana. Shamana consists of intake of oral medicines and other procedures which decrease vitiated doshas. Shodhana includes expulsion of vitiated doshas, thereby, reducing the symptoms.

Method of treatment Shamana

  • The treatment includes oral medicines prepared from herbs and minerals.
  • This helps in reducing breathlessness, cough, cold, headache, helps in liquefaction of sputum, softening of the air passage, easy expectoration, rasayana chikitsa, improves immunity power and strengthens the Respiratory System.

Method of treatment for Shodhana

  • The root cause of all disorders including respiratory disorder is a weak immune system. Under Shodhana treatment, diagnosing the root cause and treating it in such a way that similar or related disorder would not reoccur in the future is the prime objective.
  • Shodhana treatment boosts the immunity system by treating the Tridoshas viz. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This enables cleansing of toxins through Vamana, Virechana, Basti and Nasya. Vamana helps to get rid of excess mucus in the respiratory tract and balances vitiated Kapha dosha, Virechana balances Pitta dosha, Basti balances Vata dosha and Nasya removes excess doshas that have accumulated in the throat and sinuses. Shodhana also helps in improvement in case of hereditary disorders.

Role of Acupuncture in treatment of Respiratory System disorders Under Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati®

At Vedicure, Acupuncture plays a significant function in treating disorders of the Respiratory System. Stimulating the right points in the body further stimulate the nerves and release the block and increase blood circulation. By stimulation of certain points, the patient is able to breathe deeper. This helps relief from cough, chest pain, sore throat and hoarseness of voice.
This also reduces bronchial immune mediated inflammation by promoting release of vascular and immunomodulatory factors. Anti allergic points in Acupuncture develop resistance power against allergens.

Role of Physiotherapy in treatment of Respiratory System disorders under Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati®

Proper breathing pattern is an important aspect while catering to respiratory diseases. With the help of Physiotherapy, accurate breathing pattern is set. Also, required physical activities are prescribed that increase fitness and improve the immunity system.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

  • Reduces breathlessness and other symptoms by increasing the functioning of diaphragm
  • Improves exercise capacity
  • Improves immune system and cardiorespiratory system
  • Improves ventilation
  • Helps in removal of unwanted respiratory secretions

Role of Yoga in treatment of Respiratory System disorders under Sanyukta Upchaar Padhatti®

At Vedicure, Yoga has a major role in treatment of respiratory disorders. Pranayama and Asanas play a huge role in treating disorders and maintaining good health.
Healthy regulation of breath is very important for optimum health. Yoga improves the functioning and capacity of lungs, thus, reducing the frequency of symptoms in patients with chronic respiratory problems. Pranayama and Asanas develop local resistance in respiratory passages and relax the mind and body.

Role of Diet in Respiratory System disorders under Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati®

Immune system of the body is hampered by improper lifestyle which includes unhealthy eating habits and poor sleep cycle. Unbalanced diet, fast food and untimely eating habits lead to malnourishment, indigestion, constipation, etc. that weaken the immunity system and make one easily prone to infections. Similarly, lack of sleep, late night sleeping and night shifts increase the stress level of the body and raises the risk of allergies. Likewise, smoking is hazardous to the Respiratory System. All this can lead to respiratory disorders.
At Vedicure, utmost importance is given to guidance on strengthening the Respiratory System. Maintaining proper and timely diet and regular practice of morning pranayam and exercise is the key to healthy lifestyle.

Role of Reiki in treatment of Respiratory System disorders under Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati®

Positive energy helps in keeping body and mind in tune with the universal energy which is required for the well being of humankind. At Vedicure, Reiki plays an important role in the treatment of ailments related to the Respiratory System by relieving stress and reducing the severity and frequency of infections and allergic attacks.

Role of Naturopathy in treatment of Respiratory System disorders under Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati®

At Vedicure, we believe in nature’s healing powers for curing ailments using natural elements without medicines. The human body can naturally prevent itself from disease and regain health whenever needed.

Vedicure supports the golden rules to improve the Respiratory System

  • Food must be taken in natural form. Fresh seasonal fruits, fresh green leafy vegetables and sprouts should be consumed regularly
  • Warm salt water gargling soothens the throat
  • Steam bath twice a week helps in elimination of waste through sweat
  • Exposure to sunlight improves circulation
  • Fresh air deep breathing helps to combat respiratory disorders