Cervical Spondylitis

" Since last 10 yrs, I was suffering from back ache and severe neck pain. I availed treatment from several hospitals, but was in vain. My relatives suggested that I undergo Dr. Anil Patil’s Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati. After being treated first in Vedicure Hospital at Vashi and later at Vedicure’s Borivali clinic, for 6 months, 80% of my pain and ailment has been cured. My family and I are very grateful to Dr. Anil Patil and his co-operative staff. "

user By Mrs. Gangubai Bhanage, Mumbai

Cervical Spondylitis

" Since last 2-3 yrs I was suffering from Sciatica and was unable to walk or even stand for more than 5 min at a stretch. Finally, I resorted to Dr. Anil Patil’s treatment and have benefitted enormously from the treatment. Since last 4 months, I have been actively availing the benefits of Sanyukta Upchaar Paddhati. "

user By Mr. Ramrao Rajaram Umberhande, Aurangabad

Cervical Spondylitis

"I have been grappling with pain in my left hand and a back ache for the last 3-4 yrs. Dr. Anil Patil’s interview on the TV programme ‘Saam Sanjivani’ motivated me to avail treatment at Vedicure. I experienced that at Vedicure the disease is cured by addressing its root cause hence preventing repeat incidences. Just a month’s treatment at Vedicure has given me immense relief. I recommend that all ailing individual should opt for Dr. Anil Patil’s treatment when the disease is in its primary stages itself."

user By Mrs. Swati Uday Lele, Panvel