Rational and Scientific Spiritual Forum (RSSF)

Treatments and Medicines can only cure physical ailments. However, it can prove superficial if the individual is not in the right frame of mind. So what about the mind?

While Vedicure offers solutions mainly for the ailments concerning the body, Rational and Scientific Spiritual Forum provides solutions for the Mind and Soul. RSSF is an unique initiative of Vedicure Charitable Trust.

The main aim of Rational and Scientific Spiritual Forum is to create a spiritually and mentally healthy society by promoting rational and scientific way of life.

The aim of Rational and Scientific Spiritual Forum is:
1. To create awareness of holistic healing as the permanent solution for treating any disorder i.e. treating it at the roots by healing at all levels of body, mind and soul (energy level)
2. To create awareness of importance of proper diet and breathing patterns for healthy living as imbalanced energy is the root cause of any ailment and energy is formed from the food we eat and oxygen we breathe
3. To create awareness of incorrect lifestyle causing health hazards
4. To create awareness of positive thinking leading to a healthy and quality lifestyle
5. To create spiritual awareness by rationalizing and connecting it to our daily activities through scientific explanations.
Thus, holistic and spiritual approach provides complete and thorough solution for the Body, Mind and Soul.