Rational and Scientific Spiritual Forum (RSSF)

Rational and Scientific Spiritual Forum (RSSF) is one of the unique initiatives of Vedicure Charitable Trust. In regards to spirituality these days, there seems to be a lot of confusion amongst people, especially the youth. The young generation is discouraged due to ill conducts of fake spiritual babas/gurus.

There is a limited scope to generate understanding about spirituality in a scientific manner. Thus, the main aim of Rational and Scientific Spiritual Forum (RSSF) is to create a spiritually and mentally healthy society by promoting rational and scientific way of life.

Dr Anil Patil, the spearhead at Vedicure, firmly believes in the universal truth that spirituality is above all religions. He reckons that there is spirituality in every religion but there is no involvement of religion in spirituality. Every religion follows certain rituals in a spiritual manner like mantras or prayers, fasts for various reasons, prayer methodologies, etc. There is considered to be a scientific reasoning behind all this. 

To promote spirituality in a scientific way, Dr. Anil Patil has taken lot of initiatives such as:-
1. Organizing lectures on various topics of spirituality
2. Conducting Yoga, Reiki and Meditation camps
3. Conducting Yoga therapy and Kundalini awakening sessions 
4. Making people aware about various Mantras that are beneficial for health
5. There is lot of literature developed by Dr. Anil Patil viz. books, e-books, etc.
6. CDs are available related to Sanyukta Upchaar Padhatti, Reiki, Abhangas related to Reiki and Music Therapy, etc.  

The broader objective of Rational and Scientific Spiritual Forum (RSSF) is :

1. To create awareness of holistic healing as a permanent solution for treating any ailment i.e. treating it at the roots by healing at all levels of mind, body and soul (energy level)
2. To create awareness on the importance of proper diet and breathing patterns for healthy living. This is vital as imbalanced energy is the root cause of any ailment and energy is formed from the food we eat and oxygen we breathe
3. To create awareness on incorrect lifestyle causing health hazards
4. To create awareness on positive thinking leading to a healthy and quality lifestyle
5. To create spiritual awareness by rationalizing and connecting it to our daily activities through scientific explanations

How to be a part of Rational and Scientific Spiritual Forum?

Following ways to be a part of RSSF
1. To be a disciple (Shishya) and learn Reiki from Dr. Anil Patil 
2. If one is already done with the Reiki course, it is suggested to reinitiate Reiki
3. The alternate way for Reiki is to do Kundalini Yoga