Physiotherapy, often abbreviated PT, is a health care profession primarily concerned with addressing the impairments and disabilities through rehabilitative approach and restoration of normal movement and function. Physiotherapy deals with the diagnosing, rehabilitating and preventing problems impairing the movement and musculo-skeletal systems. The physiotherapist employs non-invasive techniques to assist in the natural healing process and to encourage positive progress to restore an optimal level of activity to the patient.

Vedicure’s experienced physiotherapists specialize in the most advanced methods for the prevention and rehabilitation of a wide range of injuries. The professional physiotherapy services we offer include tailor-made programs and extensive muscle, skeletal and functional assessments to cater to the exact needs of the patient.

The Physiotherapy treatments offered at Vedicure:
• Joint mobilization – this is achieved through slight pressure to increase the range of movement and to reduce pain. Strong and swift mobilization to increase range and reduce pain
• Electrotherapy and ultrasound
• Exercise technique to improve range of motion – suitable for back and neck pain
• Manual techniques to reduce stiffness
• Thermal Agents (hot/cold)
• Posture correction
• Ergonomic consultation
• Rehabilitation after accidents and surgery
• Treatment of joint problems – soft tissue
• Rehabilitation of amputees
• Foot treatment and fitting of insoles
• Specialized pre-skiing program
• Taping
• Hire and adjustment of CPM machines