Dr. Anil Patil - Founder & CMD Vedicure Wellness Pvt Ltd

MBBS, MD (Bom.), FRSTM & H (Lon), MD (Music Therapy), Dip. In Acupuncture, Ayurvedaratna, Reiki Grandmaster

A visionary and the pioneer of the innovative holistic healing technique “Sanyukt Upchar Paddhati”, Dr. Anil Patil has proficiently combined the wisdom of ancient medical sciences and modern technology, to address a wide spectrum of ailments.
Dr. Anil Patil’s Sanyukt Upchar Paddhati technique has been devised based on the recognition of the fact that the patient’s individuality is central and that the patient has the right to have his or her needs, desires, beliefs, values and goals respected and placed at the centre of the care plan. Leaving no stone unturned for the spread of this technique, Dr. Anil Patil has made judicious use of the electronic media, by sponsoring a health talk show ‘Hello Doctor’ on Doordarshan, featuring health related programmes both on TV & FM Radio, and releasing Music Therapy CD’s (on 9 types of health problems).
Equipped with a degree in modern medicine, Dr. Anil Patil challenged the conventional medical practices by laying the foundation of Vedicure Pvt. Ltd on 6 May 2000. Incessant hard work, fierce determination, passion and dedication towards curing the ailing patients led to establishment of robust chain of clinics spread across Maharashtra, Goa and Belgaum (Karnataka).
Dr. Anil Patil has incessantly strived to bring on the long deserved recognition to the integrated medicine system and establish it as a single resort to cure myriad of disorders and diseases, without any side effects. Through his knowledge in Indian and oriental medicine systems, as well as, years of experimentation and continuous innovations, Dr. Anil Patil has laid down path breaking, safe and efficient treatment procedures for a variety of chronic ailments.
In 1992, Dr. Anil Patil was awarded with the Ayurveda Ratna degree and he later also obtained a Diploma in Naturopathy, Natural Medicine, Yoga, as well as, a Diploma in Acupuncture, Body acupuncture and Sujok. Furthermore, with a desire to utilize the mystical healing powers of music, Dr. Anil Patil accomplished outstanding work in “Hypno Music Therapy” Medicine, for which he was awarded MD (Gold Medal) in Music Therapy by The Alternative Institute Alma Ata, Russia (Formerly U.S.S.R.) & OPEN International University, Sri Lanka. Dr. Anil Patil is also a Reiki Grandmaster and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, London.
A prolific writer, Dr. Patil has been a regular column writer in all leading English and Marathi dailies. He has also been a contributing author to Johnson’s Baby Mother’s Guide Book. Dr. Anil Patil has also been instrumental in the establishing of Vedicure’s Pharma and Cosmetic Division aimed at manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines and cosmetics that both comply with GMP standards and are FDA approved. In his glorious career spanning 15 years, Dr. Anil Patil has been recognized by various bodies for his professional excellence;
• President of International holistic Healers Association since 1993
• Member of Saudi Society of family and community medicine, Saudi Arabia since 1995
• Indira Gandhi Sadbhavna Award 2007 for outstanding individual achievement
• Pride of Nation - Pratibha Sanman Award 2007 - Courtesy the Human Resources Development Academy
• All Maharashtra Reporters & News Writers Association: National Integration Fellowship Award 2007
• Rashtriya Swasthya Sanman Puruskar 2007 by Indian Economic Development & Research Association
• National Health Care Excellence Awards 2007 by Indian Economic Development & Research Association
• Seva Ratan Puruskar 2008 from Vyas Creations
• International Gold Star Millenium Award – Meritorious Achievement in diverse fields of activities that immensely contributed to the Nation’s Progress.
• Member of Indian Association of preventive and social medicine, Maharashtra chapter 1992 and Epidemiology and public health initiative Mumbai since 1997

Apart from being a highly qualified and well experienced medical professional, Dr. Anil Patil has keen interest in aesthetics, art, music and literature. He is well versed with Sanskrit and Urdu along with English, Hindi and Marathi. Dr. Anil Patil holds special interest in Indian Classical, Semi-Classical & Light Music forms. He is also very much interested in the occult sciences like Mantra, Yantra & Tantra.