Dr. Anil Patil - Chairman & Managing Director - Vedicure Group of Companies

Educational Achievement:

MBBS, MD (Bom.) | FRSTM & H (Lon) | MD (Music Therapy) | Ayurvedaratna | Reiki Grandmaster

Diploma in - Acupuncture | Naturopathy | Natural Medicine | Yoga |Body acupuncture | Sujok

Outstanding Achievement in the Medical Field

1. “Hypno Music Therapy” Medicine, for which he has been awarded MD (Gold Medal) in Music Therapy by The Alternative Institute Alma Alta, Russia (Formerly U.S.S.R.) & OPEN International University, Sri Lanka.
2. Dr. Anil Patil is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, London

There are lots of interesting aspects to this Prolific Personality one can explore; listed down are only few

The honest and humble medical practioner

The journey of an immensely experienced and innovator of holistic healing technique popularly known as "Sanyukt Upchaar Paddhatti", Dr. Anil Patil, as a medical practioner started even before he decided to make a career in the medical field. His real inspiration was his mother, Late Dr. Malti Madhavrao Patil, who was an Ayurvedic practioner quite popular for her hands on infertility treatment.
Late Dr. Malti Patil was the one who persuaded and encouraged her son to pursue his medical career in modern medicine so as to be in sync with the latest medical developments.
Thus, through his degree in modern medicine, unremitting hard work, determination, passion and dedication towards betterment of humankind, Dr. Patil carried forward the legacy of knowledge and experience borne by his mother.

He achieved a milestone in his career when he pioneered the “Sanyukt Upchaar Paddhatti", a commendable evolution in the medical industry.

Dr. Anil Patil - The Visionary Entrepreneur
Establishing Vedicure's Pharma and Cosmetic Division added 'a feather in the hat' to Dr. Patil's success. With an aim to manufacture Ayurvedic medicines and cosmetics, this Division duly adheres to GMP Standards and is FDA approved. The medicines comply with the treatment methods of "Sanyukt Upchaar Paddhatti" or "Integrated Healing Method", thus, ensuring desired results in minimal extent.

Dr. Anil Patil- The Versatile personality
Dr. Patil's exemplary success in the medical field is just one side of the coin. He is truly a versatile personality with an impeccable command over Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi, Urdu and English. His acquaintance and proficiency in the world of literature is matchless.
A keen admirer of aesthetics, art, music and literature, Dr. Patil also holds special interest in Indian Classical, Semi Classical and Light Music genre.
An inclination towards occult sciences like Mantra, Yantra and Tantra is also reflected in his personality.

Dr. Anil Patil- The milestones at a glance
In his glorious career spanning 20 years, Dr. Anil Patil has been recognized by various bodies for his professional excellence;
● President of International holistic Healers Association since 1993
● Member of Saudi Society of family and community medicine, Saudi Arabia since 1995
● Indira Gandhi Sadbhavna Award 2007 for outstanding individual achievement
● Pride of Nation - Pratibha Sanman Award 2007 - Courtesy the Human Resources Development Academy
● All Maharashtra Reporters & News Writers Association: National Integration Fellowship Award 2007
● Rashtriya Swasthya Sanman Puruskar 2007 by Indian Economic Development & Research Association
● National Health Care Excellence Awards 2007 by Indian Economic Development & Research Association
● Seva Ratan Puruskar 2008 from Vyas Creations
● International Gold Star Millenium Award – Meritorious Achievement in diverse fields of activities that immensely contributed to the Nation’s Progress.
● Member of Indian Association of preventive and social medicine, Maharashtra chapter 1992 and Epidemiology and public health initiative Mumbai since 1997
Dhanwantaree Bhsushan Puraskar for the contribution and work in the field of Ayurveda in 2018