About Vedicure

With an aim in mind to maintain the quality of life rather than merely repairing health, Dr. Anil Patil, pioneered an innovative healing technique, the ‘Sanyukta Upchaar Padhatti’. Thus, in the year 2000, Vedicure was born which eventually popularized across Maharashtra.

‘Sanyukta Upchaar Padhatti ’or ‘Holistic and Integrated Medicine Approach’ is what makes Vedicure distinct from all other medicinal practice methods for more than a decade. This path breaking technique boasts of applying latest scientific advances and traditional wisdom of medicine to cure any ailment through multiple therapies.

With a team of well educated, trained and immensely experienced doctors from various streams, Vedicure has well equipped 14 clinics across Maharashtra and a hospital in Chinchwad, near Pune. The staff constantly strives to understand and empathise with each patient creating a patient-friendly and comfortable environment.

To ensure that optimum quality of services are persistently delivered, the team of doctors undergo constant trainings under Dr. Anil Patil. Also, the non-medical staff is imparted with appropriate training to enable them to assist the medical staff (doctors).

Why get treated at Vedicure ?

● At Vedicure, multiple ailments are treated with multiple therapies with a patient centric approach thus Vedicure renders 'multiple ailment treatment under one roof'.

● A standardized diagnosis protocol is maintained by a team of experts to apprehend the patient's physical condition and determine the right diagnosis and root cause of the ailment symptoms

● At Vedicure, priority is given to 'cure with care'. Patients are treated with comfort and relief not only physically but also psychologically

● The team at Vedicure has always believed in transparency. Making patients and their relatives aware of the ailment, symptoms, root cause, ill effects, suggested treatment and cost of treatment has been their forte.

● Patients are provided a facility of periodical checkups, follow ups and appropriate counseling to increase the effectiveness of the treatment

An institution is referred to not only because of its modern infrastructure and amenities it provides, but majorly because of the personnel who are the face of institution: most importantly the core force who is spearheading it. Vedicure is led by an exceptionally talented team of doctors and experts who are who are on the mission to make a healthy difference to humankind.