or put simply 'holistic and integrated treatment', an innovative healing technique has been pioneered and popularized, across Maharashtra, for more than a decade now by Dr. Anil Patil.
A single point contact for holistic healing therapies, Dr. Anil Patil’s Vedicure Wellness Clinic is focused on the concept of person-centred diagnosis for healing people as opposed to the conventional disease treatment approach.
Dr. Anil Patil path breaking technique boasts of a unique combination of latest scientific advances with the ancient systems of medicine. It is one of the few techniques in the world that combines the ancient Indian system (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy) with the oriental alternative system of medicine (Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki).
Dr. Anil Patil has not just pioneered Musical therapy and Hypno-Musical therapy, xxx, xxx, amongst others, but has also introduced path-breaking products such as Obesity Management Kits, Shukra Sanjivini Kits, Brain Power Kits, Hair Care Kits and Good Health Kits as well.

Dr. Anil Patil's Vedicure Pvt. Ltd

Dr. ANIL PATIL’S VEDICURE WELLNESS Pvt Ltd founded by Dr.Anil Patil (M.B.B.S., M.D.(BOM) FRSTM & H (LONDON),N.D. , M.D. (Music Therapy), Dip. Accupuncture, Ayurvedratna, Reiki Grandmaster) is a wellness clinic aimed at treatment of individuals by adopting SANYUKTA UPCHAR PADDHATIR -INTEGRATED THERAPY. This way of treatment is specially designed taking into consideration the limitations of each pathy. This way of holistic treatment involves detoxification & revitalization of vital body organs by Panchakarma process of Ayurveda. Simultaneously it also includes Acupressure, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Music Therapy etc. in order to provide overall relief to the ailing human body.
Dr Anil Patil also has not forgotten basic principle approach to the ailing humanity by imparting spiritual touch backed with yoga & reiki therapy. As and when needed other associated therapies are also included. Vedicure Wellness itself suggests the Vedic way of curing the ailing humanity with modern touch and will continue the dedicated services to the patients & would like to create Society with holistic way of living by keeping a balance of human body with Mother Nature.
Taking this approach progressively forward Dr Anil Patil started with his Dadar clinic and has currently 16 centers spread all across Maharashtra. All the Vedicure Clinics are having dedicated well qualified & experienced medical professionals, paramedic’s and technocrats that are providing services to the ailing humanities as per documented procedures & the protocols laid down by Dr. Anil Patil himself.
Vedicure Wellness Pvt. Ltd has well established vision and mission statements to popularize and spread the benefits of ancient medical science of India (Ayurveda) for achieving preventive, curative, psychological and spiritual aspects of life i.e. in totality BODY, MIND AND SOUL and by teaching us how to live life holistically along with nature in a harmonious way.